Electronic Public Record

The Norwegian Media Authority publishes all official documents and desicions to OEP. Electronic Public Records (OEP) is a collaborative tool which central government agencies use to publicise their public records online. Public record data is stored in a searchable database.

If you are interested in seeing our decisions go to OEP and search those up there. Note : Most documents are in Norwegian.

You can order access to information here: www.oep.no


Appeals against decisions of the Norwegian Media Authority

All decisions we make can be appealed by the parties involved.

If you wish to appeal, you must do so within three weeks after recieving the decision in question.

You must give reasons for your appeal in accordance with the relevant guidelines for your case. Send us your complaint in writing, , and remember to include the case number .


Invoice information

We require our suppliers to use electronic invoice or invoices in EHF-format.

If you have any questions concerning electronic invoices, please contact the Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management.

To send us an invoice you need our organization number and a booking reference:

Organization number: 974 760 886

Booking reference: 2700xxxx (this should be provided to you by the person making the order)

For more information about payments and invoices, please contact .