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Organization and management

Director General Mari Velsand is head of the Norwegian Media Authority, and approximately 50 employees. There are four departments, in addition to a Communications- and staff function for the General Director.

Licenses and Supervision

is responsible for licencing permits and the supervision of compliance with the licence terms as regards broadcasting. The department is responsible for supervising compliance with the rules in the Broadcasting Act and Media Ownership Act. 

Contact: Gudbrand Guthus, Licences and Supervision Director

User Safety

provides advice and guidance concerning media literacy and computer games. The department is responsible for tasks assigned to the Authority by the Act relating to the Protection of Minors Against Harmful Audiovisual Programmes and the Act relating to films and videograms. The user safety department also organises the project relating to safe use of digital media among children and young people under the auspices of the EU (Safer Internet Centre).The unit manages and coordinates the public works for safe media use among children and adolescents, often in close cooperation with other departments, NGO's and organizations. 

Contact: Eva Liestøl, User Safety Director

Subsidies, Media Economics- and Market

is responsible for management of the press subsidy, subsidy schemes for local broadcasting, user-oriented media research and the reports prepared by the Authority. The unit also stays on top of the economic situation for the Norwegian media, and annually publishes a report on the economic situation of the media industry.

Contact: Tor Erik Engebretsen, Subsidies, Media Economics- and Market Director

Administration and Service

is responsible for accounting, budgets, ICT-systems, archives, front desk, cafeteria and the company's offices.

Contact: Gudmund Gjølstad, Head of Administration 

Staff and Communications Unit

is responsible for communicating the work of the Authority, websites, company management, long-term planning and managerial support.

Contact: Solveig Lind, Acting Staff Director

Contact us:

For general inquiries, please contact us at post@medietilsynet.no - or call at (+47)69301200