Thomas Haugan-Hepsø

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National coordinator

The Safer Internet Centre Norway coordinates initiatives and collaboratives for children and media at a national level.

We work with ministries, non-profit and voluntary organizations, businesses and industry organizations - all working for the same goals.

Along with the helpline Cross my heart, the Norwegian Media Authority is the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC Norway). Norway's Safer Internet Centre has a separate Advisory Board, which acts as an advisory body for the professional work of the center.

Members of the Norwegian SIC's Adivsory Board 2019 - 2020:

  • Berit Andersen (The Norwegian Media Authority)
  • Lars Kvenshagen Gimse (The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training)
  • Guro Skåltveit (The Norwegian Data Protection Authority)
  • Kjersti Botnan Larsen (The Children Ombudsman)
  • Thomas Haugan-Hepsø (The Norwegian Media Authority)
  • Tone Jeanette Gulsvik (Norwegian Criminal Investigation Service - NCIS)
  • Elisabeth Staksrud (Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo)
  • Frida Cavanzo (Youth Representative)
  • Nelli Kongshaug (Cross My Heart - Norwegian Red Cross Helpline)
  • Ida Tomtum (The Consumer Authority)

Dissemination of knowledge about children and media

Through our "Children and media"-surveys we gather information on children's and parents' media use biennially. We also produce collaboratory brochures and other material for children, parents and adults working with children in their daily life.

The surveys are conducted by the Norwegian Media Authority every two years and serves as a backdrop for statements, opinions and initiatives both for the Safer Internet Centre Norway, as well as a number of other organizations.

Most of our material is made in Norwegian - but you will find our few translated versions to the right (below for tablet or mobile).

Here are an extract of resources available, made by or in collaboration with NSIC.


Young Children and Media - a qualitative survey 2016

This national report examines Norwegian children aged 0-8 and their use of online technology and potential advantages and risks associated with this.

The report Young Children (0-8) and Digital technology, is a qualitative study to investigate young children and their families' experience with new online technologies.  The results from the study form the basis for recommendations to politicians, the industry, parents and schools, etc. and proposals for larger EU projects that should be implemented in connection with advantages and challenges related to use of new online technology in early childhood.

The goal of this research project was to generate empirical data in order to answer the general question of what benefits, if any, do children and/or their families experience from using new (online) technology? In other words, what advantages and risks can be identified in connection with children's use of digital technology at home.


International collaboratives

Safer Internet Centre Norway is based within the Norwegian Media Authority, and it is part of the CEF program; a European network for the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences on digital media and children.

In cooperation with Red Cross' helpline «Kors på halsen», we aim to ensure that children across Norway are empowered to take sensible choices in their everyday digital life.

Like the other Safer Internet Centres across Europe, we produce and distribute advice, films, educational and awareness-raising material and tools which can be used by children and young people, parents, teachers and caregivers.

The current project started in January 2019 and will run throughout 2020.

The project is led by , along with Berit Andersen and other staff at the Norwegian Media Authority.