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Parental advice on gaming in five languages

Do you talk to your children about gaming? All parents find it hard to determine what is right regarding, screen-time, gaming and what is appropriate. We recommend yoy talk to Your kids about this, and play With them!

  1. Order or download in five languages

Download or order gaming advice for parents

We have made a short brochure with advice on how to talk to your kids about gaming. Language barriers should not stand in the way of having a healthy dialogue about digital interests. You can download it as a PDF, or order them from us by mail.


Gaming advice to parents PDF – Arabic

Gaming advice to parents PDF – Polish

Gaming advice to parents PDF – Somali 

Gaming advice to parents PDF – Tigrinja

Gaming advice to parents –  English – only as PDF

Arabisk dataspillråd til foreldre Polsk dataspillråd til foreldre Somali dataspillråd til foreldre  Tigrinja dataspillråd til foreldre  Engelsk dataspillråd til foreldre


Please send us an e-mail to   - providing the following information:

Name/ institution

Which language/s and number of brochures you want

Full adress