Age rating symbols

All films must be clearly labelled with an age rating symbol. This is required by law. As a distributor you set the age rating based on the guidelines provided by the Norwegian Media Authority.

Regardless of how you register the film, it is your responsibility as a distributor to set an appropriate age rating. If the film is already rated by the Norwegian Media Authority, we recommend using this age limit.


Distribution of DVD and Blue-Ray in Norway

If you want to distribute or sell DVD and Blu-Ray you have obligations under Norwegian Law.

When you distribute or sell DVD and Blue-Ray you have obligations under both the Protecting Minors from harmful content in Film and Programmes-Act, and The Act relating to films and videograms.

Obligations for distribution

All DVDs and Blu-Rays should have an age rating. The exception are music-videos. If the Norwegian Media Authority has rated the film after 1 July 2015, this is the rating that should be used. 

If the film does not have an existing age rating, or has an age limit set by the Norwegian Media Authority before 1 July 2015, the distributor must rate the film themselves. One of the following age-ratings should be used: Allowed for all, 6 years, 9 years, 12 years, 15 years or 18 years. The age limits must be set according to the same guidelines as the Media Authority itself uses. As a distributor, you must mark the cover's front page with the age rating. 

Obligation when distributing DVDs for sale

All films must be marked with an age rating on the front page of the cover. The retailer must have routines for, and carry out, checks on age-ratings. The Norwegian Media Authority may aquire documentation for these routines and check-ups if needed.

Registering videos

If you are to sell or distribute video or DVD in Norway, the film must be registered by the Norwegian Media Authority. There is a fee and excise of (NOK 4.10) per movie copy. This applies to all formats (DVD / Blu-ray and the like), as well as Video On Demand if the server is based in Norway. There are three ways to register video - descreibed below. All of these processes should be carried out on My page. Old forms does no longer work as of June 2019.

Here you will find links to relevant laws and regulations.