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Registration and assessment of cinema film

ME-2001 English

Information about the distributor:
Distributor ID:* (3 eller 4 siffer) Please note! If you are not a registered distributor,
you have to use this registration form.
Distributor name:* Email:*
Information about the film:
The registration concerns:* Rating preview Only registration, viewing
exempt from ration preview
Expected opening date:* (Format: DD.MM.YYYY)
Original title:* Norwegian title:*
Director:* Actors:*
Production year:* Production country:*
Has to be written in Norwegian and separated by semicolon. E.g. USA;Frankrike;Tyskland
Story (brief): Any comments (e.g. 3D, security
measures, Movie Transit):
Technical specifications:
Type of film: Feature film Short film Viewing format: DCP Other




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Please note:

  • 30 days after the operning date the distributor must send the Norwegian Media Authority a separate form for reporting the net ticket sales.
  • We ask that films on hard disks or otherwise which must be sent as packages are sent to the Norwegian Media Authority at our address: Nygata 4, 1607 Fredrikstad, Norway.
  • In case you have a trailer or other content on a web link, please indicate title and sender and send the link separately to the following e-mail: .