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The Norwegian Media Authority

About On-Demand-services (Video on Demand) VOD sales in Norway

For films that are rented out or sold (TVOD and EST), you have to report on the number of titles stored on a Norwegian server in a network.

You are only to report on titles that have not previously been reported and a fee paid for. The fee is paid for each copy that is subject to rental or sale, and not on the basis of how many times the copy is sold or rented out to the customer. If a title is available for sale or rental at e.g. two Norwegian service providers, two sales must be reported. 

No fee shall be paid for titles that are only available through a subscription service that provides free access to all content (SVOD). However, if in such a service there are individual titles that are subject to sale and / or rental, a fee must be paid for these titles. The fee is paid once per title. 

About physical videograms (DVD, Blu-ray) 

Only the number of units sold (discs - videograms) to Norwegian sales links must be reported. Units that are returned are deducted from the tax base. 

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