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The Norwegian Media Authority

Foreign distributors of cinema film

As a main rule, all films shown in cinemas in Norway must be age-rated. Films that are not age-rated by the Norwegian Media Authority must be shown with an 18-year age limit. All cinema films that the Norwegian Media Authority has age-rated are published in our Film Database.

Register movies for age rating

Movies will receive one of these age ratings:

Allowed for all ages, 6 years, 9 years, 12 years, 15 years and 18 years. The film that is age-rated must be identical to the version that is shown in cinemas. The classification is done following these guidelines.

Information icon 50x50 .png From January 1st, 2023 the amendment of the Act Relating to the protection of minors against harmful content in audiovisual media, will come into force. This means that each cinema film distributor will have the responsibility to classify each cinema film prior to the premiere. The distributors are legally obliged to do the age classification in compliance with the guidelines made by the Norwegian Media Authority. Therefore, you should not register films to be released in 2023.


From January 1st, 2023 distributors of cinema films are obliged to do the age classification

From January 1st, 2023, amendments of the Act relating to the protection of minors against harmful audiovisual programmes will be put into force. The age limits on cinema films will no longer be set by the Media Authority prior to the film release. The film distributors will be legally responsible for giving the film an age limit. It is compulsory to follow the guidelines adopted by the Media Authority. This means that you do not need to register films with the Norwegian Media Authority that will be released in cinemas in 2023 onwards.