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The Norwegian Media Authority

Norwegian Safer Internet Centre: NSIC

Youth participating in EYE youth work in front of European Parliament. Photo: European Parliament

The Norwegian Media Authority is the national Safer Internet Center in Norway. The project is affiliated with the European CEF ( Connecting Europe Facility ) program, and is part of the Insafe network. The ongoing project lasts until the end of 2021.

Norwegian Safer Internet Center (NSIC) is the national coordinator in the work to promote a safer digital everyday life for children and young people. NSIC aims to effectively coordinate activities to empower children and young people to use technologies in a safe and positive way. The main goal is to raise awareness and increase media literacy among children, parents and teachers and other professionals who work with children on online issues and online risk.  

NSIC collaborates with many different actors from both the private and public sectors, and from voluntary organizations to ministries, to ensure joint awareness-raising activities and the development of common resources and tools. Together with the helpline Kors på halsen , the Norwegian Media Authority is the Norwegian Safer Internet Center (NSIC). The Norwegian Safer Internet Center has its own expert council (Advisory Board), which acts as an advisory body for the work of the center.   

NSIC is a part of the Norwegian Media Authority.

The project's goal is to:

  • increase media literacy and digital skills among children and young people;
  • ensure that the Internet provides a positive and safe environment for children;
  • raise awareness and reduce online risk among children and young people;
  • Listen to children and young people to better understand the challenges and opportunities of using digital technology.

The center carries out a wide range of activities alone and in collaboration with its most important partners in the national network. Some of the main activities are as follows: 

  • Promoting media literacy
  • Develop, disseminate and promote new and existing tools.
  • Develop strategies to reach and produce material for parents and teachers.
  • Organizes events and seminars in collaboration with key partners;
  • Organize regular youth participation activities and panels.

The Safe use network

In addition to the Advisory Board, the Trygg bruk-network brings together most organizations that work in the same field. The network includes both public and private actors in addition to voluntary organizations.

Advisory Board - NSIC's expert group

The Safer Internet Center has gathered experts from various sectors with and areas of responsibility to provide advice and professional input to measures and priorities within the project's framework and focus areas until 2021.

Better Internet for Kids: Norwegian Safer Internet Center 2021 

In the current for the period 2021, the project will deliver and implement, among other things, the following:

  • Safer Internet Day 2021
  • Youth panel workshop
  • Awareness-raising measures
  • Develop and update information / guidance
  • Evaluation of selected conversation tools
  • Develop learning videos

These resources are fully or partially funded by the EU project CEF:

en_cef finansiert UTEN KANT mindre.png

Stjernekolonien - a digital gaming experience for families

Children and social media

Talk about games

Toddlers and screen use - a good start

Deepfakes - a teaching program for high school